After an extremely long process of trial and error UKVP's first line of SKATEBOARDS, T-SHIRTS, PATCHES, JEWELRY, and MORE are finally ready to be shredded, worn, and torn by YOU..

As a sort of preview event/ first public showing UKVP will be set up at The School of the Art Institute's SPRING ART SALE located in the SAIC Ballroom, 112 S. Michigan Ave.

THIS: FRIDAY APRIL 15TH, 11am – 7pm,
SATURDAY APRIL 16TH, 10am – 5pm

So stop by to meet us and see what we have to offer and what we represent.

-At the sale we will be offering discounted rates on a lot of our first line.
-Plus plenty of rad free gifts with your newly purchased UKVP contraband.

By the end of the sale our website will be fully operational for sales as well host our look book previews to keep you in the know. 
Bookmark it and keep checking in for the official launch.  

Take it easy, hope to see you there!!

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  1. So cool! As soon as you get a little cash flow, you need to buy an ad in a skate magazine or send out press releases to get some free publicity. Are there any skate shows coming up in your area? Go set up a table and start giving stuff away to wear. Your artwork will make people buy, buy, buy! Congratulations! Your Mom