Necklaces Finally Available!!!!!!

Suspended Stasis on Etsy.com is finally up!! On this site you will be able to browse and purchase any of the suspended stasis pod necklaces which were for sale at the Holiday art sale.  The necklaces can now be custom ordered allowing the buyer to send us an item precious to them to be placed inside the pod for a more personal connection.

SuspendedStasis.. Online store.



T-shirts images.

The First Three designs of many to come.





Hey all,
Sorry for the delay as far as information goes as well as images, I would like to thank everyone who dropped by the art sale your support was much appreciated.  The necklaces that we're being sold at the art sale will soon be available on etsy.com under the name of SuspendedStasis.  The shirt designs will be posted on here for now and any questions or concerns you may have can be sent to samsiegerr@gmail.com.  This is still a temporary situation and an official website will be up in the near future.

Thank you, 


UKV-P Start up..

Proud to present the beginning of a group project involving a wide range of products designed to represent the coming of a new wave.  The group extends itself to represent a wide range of merchandise including but not exclusive to T-shirts, jewelry, skateboards, and an even wider range of artwork including prints, drawings, and sculpture.

Keep on the look out for photos and an official website in the near future.

Any questions or business you might have can be sent to Samsiegerr@gmail.com